Thursday, January 26, 2006

Smallest Fish?

Individuals of the Paedocypris genus can be just 7.9mm long at maturity, scientists write in a journal published by the UK's Royal Society.

But they warn long-term prospects for the fish are poor, because of rapid destruction of Indonesian peat swamps.

The fish have to survive in extreme habitats - pools of acid water in a tropical forest swamp.
Food is scarce but the Paedocypris - smaller than other fish by a few tenths of a millimetre - can sustain their small bodies grazing on plankton near the bottom of the water.



Animal Anarchy said...

Pinky the Fish feels mighty as he looks at this fish.
Pinky is a betta. He's pretty mellow for a betta.

The Catshark said...

Wow this is quite facinating. It kind of reminds me of the tiny catfish they found in the amazon that looks more like an earthworm

Chris Perridas said...

Thanks for reading and commenting.