Thursday, January 26, 2006

Smallest Fish?

Individuals of the Paedocypris genus can be just 7.9mm long at maturity, scientists write in a journal published by the UK's Royal Society.

But they warn long-term prospects for the fish are poor, because of rapid destruction of Indonesian peat swamps.

The fish have to survive in extreme habitats - pools of acid water in a tropical forest swamp.
Food is scarce but the Paedocypris - smaller than other fish by a few tenths of a millimetre - can sustain their small bodies grazing on plankton near the bottom of the water.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Whale - in London !

A seven-tonne whale has made its way up the Thames to central London, where it is being watched by riverside crowds.
The 16-18ft (5m) northern bottle-nosed whale, which is usually found in deep sea waters, has been seen as far upstream as Chelsea.
A rescue boat has been sent to protect the whale and rescuers have been trying to keep it away from the river banks.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Frogs are so batrachian!

Frogs fasciante me. They make for good fairy tales and horror stories. The entire story on this little fellow is found here.

Amazing squid.

Swollen squd nearly ready to give birth to thousands. Read more.

Cute but Weird

Japanese fashion show for dogs. An expression of symbiosis?

But can they fly?

Just because we can we do. Jellyfish dna injected into pig embryos make them glow in the dark. Read more.


This rare effect is at first shocking to behold. The full story here.

The lure of the missing link.

Always we seem to be on the lookout for a devolved ancestor. Loren Coleman's site is always in the forefront.

Weird fish

"Ick" comes from Icthyology, and is the infection of fish. This fish is weird.

Flora or Fauna?

This first post shows how our eyes - and brains - might deceive us at first glance. Or is this a veggie-ghost?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome !

This site is to discuss the latest - and weirdest - life forms known.

Sit back and enjoy (or shudder at) the show.