Saturday, January 14, 2006


This rare effect is at first shocking to behold. The full story here.


Animal Anarchy said...

Wow. If real, this is strange and very sad.
For a while we had a housemate named Charlie, who was a kitten born without the ability to use his back legs. His hindquarters had atrophied. Leon and Raymond (a pair of burly male cats) took good care of him, especially Leon, who would hold him down and wash him. But his kidneys failed and he died.
:-( We will never forget what a gutsy little guy he was!

Clara Chandler said...

Back when I was fresh out of nursing school (just after surgery was invented and right before microbes were accepted as possible), an x-ray tech in my hospital gave birth to a severely deformed baby boy. Among MANY other malformations, he too had the cyclops/no nose syndrome. He also had a rooster comb-type opening at the top of his head through which his brain tissue and an artery were visible. Also a cleft palate and lip.

He lived about four months before he was mysteriously smothered by a pillow in his crib. Very sad. The smothering, not the little fellow. If you closed your eyes, he seemed just like any other human creature.

Chris Perridas said...

I recall a long time ago, that surgery was done on a baby goat to make it appear as a unicorn. We must treat animals with the same courtesy as we would expect. We all live, breathe, and die on the same planet - and we need one another.