Saturday, November 28, 2009

Geese - Thousands of Geese

We were out on a trip to the pet cemetery to visit the cats' graves and while we were getting the flowers out of the the car I heard what sounded like geese. That was odd since I didn't recall there being any water around the pet cemetery.

Sometimes geese fly overhead, and we looked around but nothing. The noise got louder and louder, and it sounded like hundreds of geese. Where were they?

Finally, maybe a thousand feet up in the air, we saw these tiny dots like dust specks swirling about and sometimes forming huge v's. These were the geese!

It was not just mesmerizing, but supernatural. Wave after wave of groups of screaming geese swept over us at that thousand feet (or more?) heights. Tens of thousands of geese, each group calling to one another and the sounds drifting down to us. It went on for most of twenty minutes until we finally left the cemetery - but it may have been going on for hours.

One other weird thing, too. Below the geese, perhaps only a few hundred of so feet up, there were at least a dozen turkey vultures circling. It seemed obvious, they were awaiting a tired goose to fall out of the sky so they could pounce on the crushed feathered body. We saw at least one hawk, too.

All in all, this was a weird and powerful experience.


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R. C. Fountain said...

Shades of Alfred Hitchcock. I know my eyes would be transfixed. Count yourself lucky that you experienced no "bombing runs," if you take my meaning (yuck).

EZer0 said...

I've been in the similar situation, driving car last weekend on a road to Tallinn, Estonia. Throngs, thousands of geese were spread across freshly excavated fields, even much more were seen flying as a large clouds of dark spots in the air above, floating like waves, merging and forming into some weird structures.