Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wooly Mammoth DNA nearly deconstructed

Michael Hofreiter of the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany has nearly completed the DNA analysis of these noble behemoths. The mitochondrial gene is easiest, and that is what the team started with.

Many of these pachyderms were fast frozen still with contents intact in their stomachs. This should be a fascinating study - and will we one day be able to implant a clone and grow a new mammoth?


Clara Chandler said...

I actually get chills of thrill and excitement at the prospect of recreating the mammoths (and other extinct creatures). Thanks so much for posting this, Chris.


Chris Perridas said...

This is a good time to tell everyone the incredible success of "Weird Beasts". Hundreds have stopped by, and many of you - like Clara - are gracious enough to add a comment.

I'm constatntly on the alert for beast news, and keep your eyes in tune, I also post some of my own Photos of ... weird beasts.

cheesemeister said...

Could be fun to have mammoths in a zoo. I don't think they'd be much harder to handle than elephants. The idea of cloning some of those dinosaurs is a little spooky though. Think "Jurrasic Park!"